See Why Genevieve Nnaji Needs A ‘Husband’ Now Than Ever

See Why Genevieve Nnaji Needs A 'Husband' Now Than Ever -
Movie producer and actress Genevieve Nnaji/ Photo credit: Instagram

How long can a lady stay comfortable with fame and influence without a man by her side? Sure not for too long, mostly in African part of the world where marriage is regarded as an achievement. This top Nollywood actress in our scope ‘Genevieve Nnaji’ is one of Nigerian best and has proven to have got much influence on an average young Nigerian girl.

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The issue of Genevieve getting married has in the past gone viral on social media platforms yet she kept absolutely adamant. We also hear Genevieve’s near marriage’s relationship with D’Banj. Later the story moved from D’Banj to Ghanaian actor Majid Michael whom from all indication is a father of three kids now.

As strong as our single female celebrities may want to appear, we know how they would possibly be feeling when they have to deal with severe cold situations in their privates. Winks…!

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May I loudly applause Genevieve’s boldness for publicly stating how difficult it was for her to handle Sunday’s night. Wow! that was bold..extreme boldness if you ask me.

The actress took to her Instagram page in the late hours of Sunday, precisely 2018 Mothers Day, to declare her need for a roommate. Could she possibly be needing a woman to spend such a romantic time with…hell no, unless she’s a le***an.

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whooooops, who’s tendering? We’re sure Gennylovers are speeding up track to produce reactions to this, otherwise she maybe disappointed.

”genevieevennaji I need a roommate hahaha if you’re still awake comment Hi 🙋🏼 If you’re sleeping comment Hello 🙌🏽 Happy Mother’s Day beautiful gennylovers 💝💝💝 #mothersday”



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