See What Kiss Daniel Had to go through for His Music Career

Kiss Daniel
Kiss Daniel

Nigerian Music star and Woju crooner, Kiss Daniel has definitely come a long way in the music industry with many awards in his kitty, his songs have also topped charts across Africa, and is been recognized everywhere.
However, in a recent interview with Sunday Scoop, the singer said that there is something he isn’t happy about.
“I often say that dropping engineering for music is the greatest sacrifice I have ever made for my career. That’s because I studied water engineering for five years and I graduated with a good result. Many of my mates that we left school together are doing very well now, and sometimes, I feel bad that I’m not practicing the profession that I devoted a lot of time and effort to study. If I was a practicing engineer, I’m sure that I would have gone very far by now. On the flip side though, I enjoy what I’m doing and I have never pictured myself doing a 9-5 job. Making music comes naturally to me and it makes me happy, so I have no regrets.”
Speaking on the intellectual process that he goes through to write songs, he said…
“For all my songs, I tell stories and pass messages across. I’m dedicated to making good music and I don’t subscribe to the notion that good music doesn’t sell. Good music doesn’t even need promotion because it would sell itself. Good music would also cross international borders and announce one to the world.”
When asked if he had plans for international collaborations, he said…
“Right now, I’m just concerned about making good music. International collaborations will come at the right time but that’s not my goal. Nigerian music, right now, has caught the attention of the world and I’m definitely up for anything that would introduce my music to different cultures.”

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