EDUCATION: The effect of Teenage Pregnancy on the male child


Fight teenage pregnancy by preaching abstinence and introducing contraceptives for those who cannot abstain.

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Lucky Ido is a Nigerian student and a passionate young lady who yearn to create a better life for those affected by teenage pregnancy in our society, and to stop more from being affected. She share these views of how both male and female teenagers can be affect and a way out.

”Years ago i could think that teenage pregnancy has more effect on the ladies than the guys until yesterday after a brief chat with an affected guy.”
“I’m from a poor background; we are six and I’m the first child. Before i got admission to study in CRUTECH i had already asked a Jss2 student out!! In her Jss3 she was already pregnant for me!! My problem became triple the way it was. Normally, before she took in for me, half of the responsibility of paying my fee, food and shelter were on me. So the arrival of the baby doubled everything. My baby mama is still very young and needs to go back to school or acquire a skill, my baby needs care, i also need money or be forced to drop out of school because even my parents cannot support me again since my Dad is very sick at the moment. Well i regret even getting a girl pregnant at this stage of my life!! Now i have my life in a phase i cannot understand”

When i talked to him about preventive method he said

” before we could see the use of condoms as a sin and as one being a very bad person for talking or even having it on them, now i know better that i was rather harming myself for not using it since i could not abstain” truly guys get affected by this too!!

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From our discussion i discovered that teenage pregnancy begins from the junior secondary school level and sometimes from the primary level too!! However the case, it is important we know that the use of contraceptive is not the sin, the sin is sex between two unmarried persons engaging in the act!! In a scenario where these persons cannot abstain, to prevent STDs, HIV/AIDs, unwanted pregnancy amongst teens. Contraceptives should or must be introduced.

Fight teenage pregnancy by preaching abstinence and introducing contraceptives for those who cannot abstain. Help reduce the numbers of street children due to this today, help reduce the rate of teenage death through abortion and during child bearing.

Sex education! the way out of teenage pregnancy.

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