Hilarious! Rojo Would Not Have Sanchez Play On The Same Team As Him Before Now

Manchester United Marcos Rojo (right) and ex rival alexis Sanchez(left)/ goal.com
Marcos Rojo, Manchester United defender dropped the bombshell on his reaction over Jose mourinho’s signing of ‘enemy’ Alexis Sanchez in the same team as himself. They had to prevailing issues or quarrels in time past but just don’t want to see themselves in the pitch even as rivals and opposite sides.

The Argentine (Rojo) used to deliberately give the Chilean (Sanchez) a ‘good kicking’ and the latter would retaliate in like manner whenever they meet on the pitch as opposite sides. They also use curse words on one another in the course of the meeting on the pitch.

His reaction to Manchester United signing Sanchez in the January transfer windows was darn priceless! Here’s what he said while speaking to TYC Sports:

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“Alexis is a great player, but we didn’t used to get on out on the pitch. Every time we came up against one another, whether in internationals or when United played Arsenal, I would give him a good kicking – and he did the same to me.

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“On top of that I used to insult him, and he would reply in kind. So when I learned that he was going to join United I said: ‘Oh, fucking hell, no, now this guy’s going to be here.”

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Meanwhile, Rojo has made just 10 appearances in all competitions this season and Sanchez has made a total of 10 appearances for United and has scored just one goal since he joined the team in January.

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