Yes, Sholaye Jeremi Is My Son’s Dad, Linda Ikeji Speaks Up

Unfortunately he and I are a completely closed chapter. Lol.

Linda Ikeji carrying her son Jayce and smilling to camera for a photo shoot/Photo credit: Instagram

Linda Ikeji finally opens up on whom the father of her son Jayce is. After so much post about Lind’s singlehood before she finally became pregnant, Linda Ikeji personally held Instagram on ransom with consistent post about her so much anticipated son…then in the embryo.

Few months back, the internet celebrity gist monger and gossip put to birth…a baby boy, then she lit her social media accounts spreading the pictures of her newly born for everyone to see. More like it was a must to see, lol…

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Instagram could account for so much hate speech against Linda and lots of well wishes from the blogger’s loyal followers during the time.

Immediately after that, the biggest question has always been ‘who’s Linda Ikeji son’s father?’

Linda Ikeji lying down, while carrying her baby Jayce on her tommy/Photo credit: Instagram

And right about now, the Nigerian celebrity and internet personality has decided to open up on who the father of her son Jayce is.

Linda told Instagram that the father of her son is…

Linda Ikeji Speaks

”Meet my son Jayce! 😍😍😍. And yes, Sholaye Jeremi is his dad. Unfortunately he and I are a completely closed chapter. Lol. I wrote something about it on my blog. I hope it reaches those it was intended for. You can go over there and read! God bless.”

Funny enough, Linda Ikeji’s revelation of whom the father of her son is seem to be largely accompanied by an invitation to treat. Lol. Business all the way.

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Come to think of it, Linda said she and the father of her son are a closed chapter…since when? Could it be that Sholaye Jeremi was paid based on contract to execute the ‘contract’?

If not a contract, will Jayce, Linda’s supposed son ever return to his dad? I hope there’s no intention to mislead the public just to generate traffic…meanwhile, we await to speak even louder than imagination can conceive so long as track lane is kept. Surge Zirc SA Parrot speaks.

I guess we may need to ask Kemi, she just might know the truth…winks.

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