Snoopdogg’s Comment On Cosby Jail, Evolve Controversial Racist Fight On The Internet.

Snoopdogg's Comment On Cosby Jail, Evolve Controversial Racist Fight On The Internet.-Surge Zirc
Photo posted on Snoopdogg’s Instagram page which sparked a racism fight amongst the white and black community/ photo credit: Instagram

World famous music star Snoopdogg’s comment on social media has generated serious controversy between the white and black card holders.

After Bill Cosby was reportedly jailed for 3-10 years for drugging and assaulting women sexually some years back, the former TV presenter and anchor of ‘The Cosby Show’ which ran from 1984-1992 moved straight to jail at age 80.

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Snoopdogg posted a photo on his Instagram page which reads: “If you all are going to lock Bill Cosby up at the age of 80, I need y’all to put Carolyn Byant Donham at age 83 in jail for accessory to murder for having Emmett till killed and confessing in 2017”.

ronald.owensThey just didn’t want Mr. Bill Cosby to run for president. Bill, Oprah would have ran for president another black president.

georgiehunter1991@lucyandviolet snoop dog just hates white people full stop lol

two_days_at_a_time_@profittheprophet pretty much he is by bringing up someone else crime to overshadow what this rapist, Cosby did. But bottom line y’all so ducking dumb that lady has been dead.

mlaww_How can she be jailed if she’s dead lol , she admitted to this literally while she was dying . They’re not exactly gonna take her off her iv and put her in a pad are they shut up , isn’t even a race thing so all these comments talking about ‘it’s cos she’s white’ need close ur stupid mouths , Cosby drugged girls until they fall asleep and raped them but no half of these comments are talking about they’re just locking an innocent black man away cos he’s black , no , it’s cos he’s a rapist stfu

_haledo1And if it was your daughter @snoopdogg would your opion be the same?

redshiftsquadronSo many people missing the point is not that Cosby shouldn’t be there is that Carolyn should be arrested as well we know damn well Cosby deserves prison regardless of the accusations being of years ago but she does as well and legally speaking murder is above sexual assault (although should prolly be equal)

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dariflowzFuck yall haters on Cosby, white bitch should be behind bars too !!!

kool_karl21@wackdonald he saying its a sad day to see America pass on whites who did similar crimes with no time but Bill Cosby gets time dumb ass! Comprehend better!

julani76@christianllerche sad that Bill Cosby has been living that life all these years, sad that it took so long for those women to get justice, sad that our President and other politicians are guilty also but are still in government, sad that Emmitt Till has not been brought to justice even upon his killer’s confession. You can interpret “sad day today” anyway you want. However, you interpret it without clarification from Snoop shows what you choose to believe based upon emotion and assumption.

cherry_blatt@n60__._ hurrying the F** up so they can get what they deserve before they leave? Idk

jaimemvazquez1229 Snope love ya but keep the apple separate from the orange it’s two different topics, I grew up with Cosby as a surrogate dad to me but that’s just TV not real life

tashiamurrellI don’t believe he did anyone of those ladies that way I feel lately a lot of people are pulling this hateful crime to much.Most want money and a lot of them doing this just too have there face on TV.If someone did this to them why did they wait 20 or 30 years now to come to the court for justice you would have told someone else or would have went to the law write then I can’t take up for the wrong and a lot has to do with racism.God bless you.

_queencity_boi@kslaytssjr all that & u still missing the point.. if every “Tom, dick, & Harry” were white they would get away with murder.. but of course “billy boy” isn’t.. all them white men from “me too” bs & correct me if I’m wrong, but bill is the one doing time.. foh

daqueendeeWho is she? No one knows her that’s why she got off. I’m sure she knew someone.

holiday_style_@batman__81 and she got an innocent boy brutally murdered… my nigga.. Bill’s crime was terrible.. but that woman getting an in decent boy killed at barely 12 years old for “whistling at a white woman” .. not making this a race thing but that was his “crime”

rockjerry555If pussy grabber mushroom dick still president Americans should stop pretending about the fucked up justice system seems to showing muscle when dealing with blacks. From all the rapist popes, and rich white men the black one is the first to go.

itsdee4sho@_msbellaswan_ it isn’t the law that allows those who have confessed to get away with injustice, it was the belief that black men deserved to die for just looking at a white woman…. naming cannabis marijuana was to demonize Mexicans, original laws to ban cannabis were passed because propaganda/ public relations said black men would smoke go crazy and rape white women (movie… Refer Madness was created as a propaganda film, totally fiction)

_alopez17Basically it’s fine to rape people if you are black

trinitodabone2@nickdiana1215 you guys fail to see the point. It’s not about Cosby it’s about justice for all.

jakefit_pc@ironn_nigga I haven’t watched a Kevin Spacey film since the allegations, and I also don’t understand why he hasn’t been prosecuted. Also, I haven’t eaten at Subway since Jared went away for preying on underage girls, because Subway knew and tried to keep it on the DL. This isn’t an issue of race. It’s an issue of certain men drugging and raping women.

zobo696@iamjust_yancy why r u saying ‘that white people said it didn’t matter’ that’s so stupid ‘white people’ do not all have the same opinions we are not all one person. U should address the specific person who is saying this shit instead of tarring all white people with the same brush. Everyone is different no? By doing this u are adding to the segregation’s day divide that’s so obviously happening again in your country.

denyaw1@miamififi another white person jumping to conclusions loool. it’s sad because America are letting certain people get away with their crimes. they pick and choose who they go after and let the rest go. never knew so many people were that stupid and can’t interpret what is written in front of them

chasaleeeThough I agree with that statement, unfortunately, she is already dead. She made that confession on her death bed.

yelabone_1058Its amazing what America will do too crush a persons career

nachauh@lucyandviolet Sometimes black people are assholes when is time to defending black criminals. Like everyone loves Obama when he is a fucking terrorist

ms.bossladykHey @snoopdogg @troubleman31 @realdlhughley Not just that, but what about Shephen Collins from that show 7th heaven. He was raping underage girls! They never took his show off the air, and he never did ANY jail time. Charlie Sheen giving HIV to everybody, NEVER went to jail for that. Why isn’t Harvey Weinstein and Bill O’Reilly, Matt Lauer, and Charlie Rose in jail? But that focused on Bill Cosby: The Black Man!

briannealmeida Sad day, as now I’m unfollowing you. I guess all the women he’s attacked don’t deserve justice?

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latashabwright9951@snoopdogg I totally agree with you… All these women coming forward.. hell they should of said sumin instead of chillin and tryin to come up… make no sense at all… 60 women really

audinio83 So your condoning rape!! You are a racist you old fuck

omeezy82Exactly thank you @snoopdogg how they gonna let this woman walk around free. Double standard.

mr.scully1990Hold up, as a #Survivor doesn’t matter if you’re that old, if you sexually harm another person you don’t deserve to breathe… If he isn’t locked up, #Trust he will get what’s coming to him

exodusbeatsofficial@ironn_nigga none of us are making excuses for people like Kevin spacey. They are all rapists. Snoopdogg is only adding to the problem. We are all human and snoop needs to realize that he is sparking racism, and I am starting to believe that he is doing it intentionally.

ricosuave03Y’all love Snoopdogg so y’all hate when he stands up for his people, that’s all that is, y’all all know what the hell he’s saying, you can’t fool anybody by trying to twist the shit around

exodusbeatsofficial If this is about race, please reply. If this is yet another racist post, please tell me so I can unfollow you, and delete all your music from my playlists. I used to love ur music snoopdogg but people like you are the reason for racism in today’s world. LIKE IF YOU AGREE THAT WE ARE ALL HUMAN, IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT SKIN COLOR WE ARE, RACISM IS A PRIMITIVE THING THAT MUST BE ERADICATED FROM OUR SOCIETY!

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