South-South react to NNPC 4,600MW plant proposal for Northern States

South-South react to NNPC 4,600MW plant proposal for Northern States
NNPC office complex/ Photo credit: Premiumtimes

The proposal by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC to construct three power plants to generate 4,600 megawatts in the Northern part of Nigeria as published is generating loud comments on the internet.

NNPC plan to site the power plant in Abuja, Kaduna and Kano, and said the plant would rely on gas supplies from the proposed Ajaokuta-Abuja-Kaduna-Kano, AKK, Gas Pipeline project.

South-South Nigerians has expressed dissatisfaction over the planned location for the power plants. Read some reactions:

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Fernando Luis- ‘’Good morning to chibike Amechi and bunch of chicken hearted Niger Delta politicians. See how illiterate uncircumcised aboki from daura dey use Una fish brain. I don’t want to talk about yorubastard people from southwaste because cowardice and talkertive runs in their blood. Osibanjo has already seen as house boy to the northern cabals.’’

Gary- ‘’Has anyone noticed that 95 percent of all NNPC projects and investments since Buhari made himself Oil Minister and Barawo Baru as GMD are concentrated in the North? This just being the latest; after Baru gave NNPC money, not out of his pocket, to the first class graduate from his Alma-mater ABU? How about the first-class graduates from other institutions in the country and what law allows an official of a public parastatal to selectively dole out scholarships on his whim and caprices?

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‘’Meanwhile Nyesom Wike and his fellow Niger Delta Governors and National Assembly legislators are sitting around watching as their natural resource continues to be plundered for the benefit of other people and regions.
In addition to supporting the looting of $1B from ECA to fight Boko Haram.
In addition to the billions voted for the rebuilding of the North East from the self-inflicted Sunni Jihad.’’

Another Nigerian identified as Say the truth said:

‘’This is misplaced priority. What you need in that part of the country where the sun intensity is as high as 34 degrees is solar energy. Our country is thinking of piping gas all the the way from Niger delta to Kano. When are we going to get it right. This is madness of the highest order. This is mediocrity carried too far. Niger republic is a tiny nation which borders Nigeria but are smarter than us. The northern part of Niger rely largely on solar energy but Nigeria can’t. NNPC itself has been northernized with Hausa as the official language at their headquarters. It appears we always pacify the ND in order to siphon the oil and transport up north

Opene Ogeme- ‘’Northern Nigerian Petroleum Corporation. Buhari wants to use money earned from oil in the Niger Delta to build power plants in the North powered with gas from the Niger Delta. $1bn for NE from excess crude account. Sarduana’s regional agenda is under full implementation at a fast pace. One Nigeria!’’
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