Stop This Crap!! Dressing Children In Designer Apparel Isn’t Necessary

Stop This Crap!! Dressing Children in designer apparel Isn't Necessary
Stop This Crap!! Dressing Children in designer apparel Isn’t Necessary/Photo Credit:The CUT

It is very strange to hear a child say: “I want what they are wearing.” Most children’s wears out there are designers, Luxury brands like:  Burberry, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, and now Balenciaga- They offer their own youth collections.

According to a Global Industry Analysts estimate, the global childrenswear market is expected to reach 231.3 billion euros by 2024, and business is booming.

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But the question is, now, if children would start having designer clothes at this stage, of what importance is it?There should be time for everything, because it has lots of consequences, for instance;

There would be a competition among the children; it will seem as if their various parents want to show superiority amongst others on who is the “most fashionable”.

Distraction: It can distract them from studies and also create a gap between the rich and the poor.

Durability: Kids soil their clothes often and these calls for more washing resulting quick fade. But in the case of adult, the durability of the designers’ clothes is assured, because they handle it with care.

Brand names: Some parents do say, because of the brand names; it doesn’t matter as there are other more important things to spend money on like; food and housing.

Most parents might be very upset about this and perhaps say; other parents could make fun of them for not being able to provide expensive clothes for their children. But what will they gain from all these?  who out there is supporting this crap?

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Emilia Petrarca has this to say;

Not everyone is down with designer fetishism for the under-10 set, of course. But then, no matter what you dress them in, kids will always be kids.



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