Surge Zirc Art Competition Requirement And Benefit For Partners

Surge Zirc Art Competition Requirement And Benefit For Partners Surge  Zirc
Benefit for those whjo partner with Surge Zirc/ photo credit: google

The Art competition as proposed by Surge Zirc is not aimed at bringing any return on investment. So that potential partners do not call us for a round table deliberation over how much percentage goes to them  after the project.

But we are stating categorically clear here, that asides the cash which may be seen as a major benefit, there are other benefits for organisations who partners with Surge Zirc in executing this project.

One of the major benefit is publicity.

We’re into advertising, and other companies who are into advertising or those who have  paid for an advert on a blog like Surge Zirc would know the value of being on our list as a partner until the end of the project.

Participants becomes your brand ambassador, the first, second and third positions would become promoters of a potential partner’s product or services.

Remember that through their call for voting they will automatically build a stream of followers across the country, So they making a visual promotion for your brand would be a plus.

What you need to do to become a partner

The target is to set up the winner with a drawing sketch material, Probably, secure a working space for him/her in a choice location, and hand a moderate cash reward over to him/her.

While, the second and third positions are given moderate consolation prizes.

The detail of this shall be discussed in private.

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Send a mail to, stating that you’re interested in partnering with Surge Zirc media on this.

We assure the general public both small and medium business owners that the partnership requirement is very light, yet affords every partaker the opportunity to be heard.

This project will be more colorful when the promoters are much and put together little efforts. If you join us lives will change, people will be empowered and opportunities will be created for a better tomorrow.

This project is proudly powered by: Surge Zirc Media, Rivers State Television Authority (RSTV), Surjik Films Production and Pitchfork Express.

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