Teacher Suffocates Pupil to Death for Making Noise


A six-year-old pupil identified as Guo Jintong, lost her life, after her teacher allegedly taped her mouth shut because she was talking too much during morning exercise at the Huadian Experimental Kindergarten in north-eastern China’s Jilin Province.

It was gathered that the nursery school pupil, suffocated and was pronounced dead by paramedics who arrived about 30 minutes after she had already been reported unconscious.

According to an eyewitness, the 6-year-old pupil was “too chatty” during their stretch and aerobic exercises in the morning, so her teacher allegedly sealed her mouth shut, but when she realized the girl appeared “abnormal”, the teacher brought her to the school nurse who later called an ambulance.
The child was taken to hospital, but doctors said they were “unable to bring her back”.

Meanwhile, the nursery school is yet to release a statement about the incident, but government officials have confirmed the case and said they are investigating with local police.


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