Tesla Touchscreens To Offer Minimalist ‘Fade Mode’

Tesla includes significant advancements in autonomy

Tesla Touchscreens To Offer Minimalist 'Fade Mode' - Surge Zirc
Tesla – Bloomberg:Photo credit/engadget

Tesla screens can be distracting and, therefore, dangerous if you’re driving an expensive car down the freeway. If you own a Tesla, though, fear not: the company is adding a software feature that will make its giant touchscreens less intrusive.

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk, replying to a tweet by EV owner Andrew Gold, confirmed that a “fade mode” will soon be added that hides all but “essential info.” It sounds like a neat option, and heck — if the display isn’t working so hard, maybe it will save some battery life too?

@elonmusk can you also add a feature to V9 to turn off screens in the car while driving only showing speed. Tap to turn back on.— #MSDSTRONG (@andrew_gold_) September 7, 2018

Fade Mode will form part of version 9, a highly anticipated firmware update for Tesla’s electric fleet. The update will change the UI in the Model S and crossover Model X to be closer to the Model 3.

Tesla should also include some “significant advancements in autonomy,” Musk hinted on a conference call in August.

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The company’s autopilot software could be patched with a long-anticipated “on-ramp to off-ramp solution” that will move into faster lanes on the freeway, identify your exit, move into the correct lane for the exit and then hand back control at a suitable time.

Earlier this week, Tesla tinkerer Jason Hughes leaked an early version of the firmware on Twitter.

Tesla showed off some of the UI changes, and a new waypoints feature, but little else. In a tweet on September 5th, Musk said he was running version 9 in his car but felt it wasn’t quite ready for public release.

Tesla owners on the early access program should have the update in the next two weeks, ahead of a full rollout by the end of the month.

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