The 8 wonderful foods that helps to flush out Toxins from the liver/body




The Liver plays some functional roles in the body by detoxifying the body and keeping it healthy.

The Liver is a very essential part of the body and also plays other roles like, assisting in Metabolism, protects the body against anti-bodies, aids in the digestion process, breaks down insulin, hemoglobin and other outstanding hormones.

Should the Liver is not functioning properly; one stands the risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity, headaches, severe fatigue and more.

Below are the 8 important foods which play effective key roles in cleaning the liver.



Apple has fiber content and by eating apple a day, it goes as far as flushing toxins from the digestive tract and also, helps in removing cholesterol from the blood at the same time it helps the Liver not to be overworked. Apples contain also, a natural cleansing nutrients called ‘’malic acid’’, it helps in removing carcinogens and other toxins inside the blood.




Turmeric cleanses the liver effectively. It digests fats by helping in improving the body ability. There is this compound ‘’ cur cumin’’ in turmeric that induces the formation ’’ glutathione S-transferase’’, a primary liver detoxification enzyme. It rebuilds the cells that are damaged.




Garlic has a multi-purpose functions, it cleanses the liver also and detoxifies by activating the enzymes in the liver. It has two compounds called allicin and selenium, they are natural and aid in the cleansing of the liver and protects it from further toxic damage.

More so, garlic reduces the liver from being overloaded and preventing it from functioning properly by the reduction of the level of cholesterol and triglyceride.

Using fresh garlic/raw garlic in place of the processed or minced garlic/powder, helps in building up the quality of health faster.




Lemons are very good in the flushing of the waste products from the body called toxins. It also removes toxins from the liver more especially because of the antioxidant D-Limonene content, which assists in the activation of the enzymes in the liver that makes the flushing out of toxins possible.

Lemons helps in boosting the absorption of mineral by the by the help of the liver and the mineral contain vitamin C that also helps the liver in more production of enzymes thereby, aiding the digestion process.

Just try and do a home-made lemon water by adding 1 lemon juice into a jar of water, add chopped lemon if you like to and a little honey. Drink the water at intervals regularly. It goes a long way to keep the bod healthy.

Green Tea


green tea leaves

According a research carried out in 2002, in the International journal of obesity, it was discovered that ‘’cats chins’’ in tea helps in the stimulation of lipid catabolism in the liver which also prevents the excess fat accumulation in the liver. By daily intake, it helps in flushing out toxins and increases the level of hydration. It is also discovered from research in 2009 published in Cancer Causes and control, people that take green tea stands a lower risk of developing liver cancer.



wall nuts

People neglect this fruits and lack the knowledge of how functional it is in the body. It contains a high amount of amino I-arginine which aids in flushing out ammonia. Walnuts also contain glutathione and omega-3 fatty acids which also help in the process of the natural liver – cleansing. From the study published in the 2008 in the journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, it was discovered that walnuts polyphenols prevent the liver from damaging caused by carbon tetrachloride and d-galactosamine. It contains fay-soluble vitamin E, Which is an essential antioxidant that makes the liver to function effectively in carrying out its works.




The high potency chemicals it contains that reduces liver damage, and according to 2000 study by  American Chemical Society, avocados are very rich in ‘’glut Hine’’, it is a compound that is needed by the liver in cleansing those toxins that are harmful in order to function adequately.

Also the high amount of monounsaturated fat in avocados helps reduce ‘’bad’’ cholesterols and reduces low density lipoproteins or bad cholesterol and increases the high-density lipoproteins or ’’ good’’ cholesterol. The good cholesterol is easily processed by the liver. Also, avocados have vitamins, plant nutrients and mineral contents that support the liver health as a whole and helps in the breaking down of fats.




Broccoli supports the natural liver-cleansing process; it is good to add it to your food.  The rich glucosinolates helps in flushing carcinogens and the rest of other toxins out of the body. It has a high fiber content that helps in the digestion process. The fat-soluble and vitamin E content which are important antioxidant functions of the liver to be carried out properly.

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