Why This Yemi Alade’s ‘Hair-style’ Is A Must-to-do For Women

Why This Yemi Alade's 'Hair-style' Is A Must-to-do For Women  - Surge Zirc
Nigerian singer Yemi Alade / Photo credit: Instagram

Yemi Alade keeps the flag flying no matter what. Her patronage to the African style has gained her a name as ‘Mama Africa’. This Nigerian born singer is very flexible in terms of styling in the African sense. Whether on local stage or international Yemi reps Africa from hair-do to fabrics.

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She has also done a song she dedicated to the African people which was a full display of African continental tradition.

Most of her followers on social media gains African styling sense from numerous styles she releases on daily basis. Recently, Yemi crafted a style she used for a show in Marseilles France…guess what? It’s now a must-to-do style for her followers on Instagram and Twitter.

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…and that’s just a few to mention. Why not try something new and a little bit out of normal, you just might get attention or some kind of accolades from #fam.

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