Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2018 Launches A Collection Of Clothes

Tommy Hilfiger's Spring 2018 Adaptive Collection
Tommy Hilfiger’s Spring 2018 Adaptive Collection/ Photo Credit: ELLE
In the spring of 2016, Tommy Hilfiger launched a collection of clothes for kids specifically designed for those with disabilities. Instead of buttons, there were clever hidden magnet closures. Necklines expanded with touch fastener closures along the seams. And then in fall of last year, the collection expanded to include pieces for adults.

For individuals with disabilities, getting dressed in the morning can pose a significant challenge. Fastening buttons, pulling a shirt over one’s head, and shimmying into tight-fitting garments can be next to impossible—and for the most part, no mainstream clothing retailers do anything to help. And all these pose as a challenge to them.

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The spring 2018 Adaptive Collection launches today, with a campaign that features notable figures from the disabled community such as: Paralympian gold medal track star Jeremy Campbell, motivational speaker Mama Caxx, paraplegic dancer Chelsie Hill and 18-year-old autistic chef Jeremiah Josey.

Jeremy Campbell in the spring 2018
Jeremy Campbell in the spring 2018 Adaptive Collection campaign for Tommy Hilfiger. He’s wearing jeans with a magnetic hem that opens wide enough to slide over his prosthesis/ Photo Credit: ELLE

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Mama Caxx in the spring 2018
Mama Caxx in the spring 2018 Adaptive Collection campaign for Tommy Hilfiger. A magnetic closure is hidden beneath the faux button placket of her trench/ Photo Credit: ELLE
Chelsie Hill in the spring 2018
Chelsie Hill in the spring 2018 Adaptive Collection campaign for Tommy Hilfiger. She’s wearing a dress with magnetic closures at the shoulders that help expand the neck opening/ Photo Credit: ELLE

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Learning from the first collection, this season’s Adaptive Collection has made improvements which are: Double plackets at the waistline make it easier for those in wheelchairs, bungee cord closure systems replace unwieldy zippers and the Velcro closures got a little better. Tommy Hilfiger should be applauded for been considerate to the disabled for not leaving them out.

Adapted From: ELLE

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