Tonto Dikeh Heavily Bashed Over Professed Love To Bobrisky

Tonto Dikeh Heavily Bashed Over Professed Love To Bobrisky - Surge Zirc
Tonto Dikeh and Bobrisky/Photo credit: Instagram

Tonto Dikeh once shared a photo of her kissing Bobrisky on social media. The picture raised so much dust on Instagram following the fact that the actress who left her marriage to live with just her son told the public that she has a new life in Christ.

She has posted lots of born again related programmes which she was part of on social media, and she has got the public into believing her new person. What’s happening now?

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We expected the Nollywood star and mother of one to refrain from such infamous act after the public and most of her fans frowned at it, but it seems she’s not thinking along that line and she appears very comfortable around the dual sex personality.

Tonto’s recent escapade with Bobrisky on the internet paved way for a lot of worries especially to fans and followers who saw her newest love declaration to Bobrisky whom by action seem to be making a mockery of his natural person.

Tonto Dikeh said ”Love you so much Bob @Bobrisky”

Who exactly is Tonto Dikeh in love with…is it the man in Bobrisky which has been suppressed and mocked or the woman in him which is artificial and blown up?

See comments from fans following Tonto’s post on Instagram:

Bobrisky the cross dresser and Nollywood star Tonto Dikeh/Photo credit: Instagram

abosede_olowolagbaHmm meaning this’s the reason behind you leaving your home, I thought you said your ex husband was dating bobby risky and that was the beginning of your fight 🤔 means you’re love making sex with both men/lady’s and bobby risk will be the shortest way for you to have two in one ( a guy looking like a lady)…Stop deceiving yourself by calling yourself a Christian my dear you’re not a Christian but lusifa a trash lady who those not know what she want at exact time.

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tiaomphilo_officialTonto always act lesbian movie alot so for u to act or take the role at all it mean u are a lesbian no matter how big they will pay u if u no u are a Christian u can,t play the role God dont care if it movie or not it is a sin becouse in the movie u will touch eachother Kiss so it is bad so tonto is a lesbian in Real life.

first_regent_queen@kellynecolino pls tell em’ d truth since pastress Tonto can’t. U will also tell Jesus to accept u #Bob the way he is huh?

officiallyiwunwaestherHmmm ,I have been going through most comments here .some people are saying don’t judge ,you ain’t God ,others are saying she is a good Christian by showing love in accepting a cross dresser ,its all good doe .but who remembered why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah with fire ,and even turned lots wife to salt for disobedience? Because she turned back to look at the burning Sodom and go more ah that was to say she was a Christian but her heart was still indulging in sin ,because if she was truly born again she would not even look back but harken to God’s voice by running and not looking back .

”If you are a Christian the bible commands not to be of equal yoke with unbelievers ,and do you no why because instead of you convincing them to turn to Jesus ,they might be the one convincing you to turn back to the world back to what you ones rejected when accepting Christ as ur personal lord and Savior ,the bible says : study to get yourselves approved.. So no one can confuse you .and lastly been a Christian those not make you a born again .but having the spirit of God in you that teaches you, that all thing seeming right in his sight .. I rest my case ..”

Bobrisky the cross dresser and Nollywood star Tonto Dikeh/Photo credit: Instagram

Wow, it’s obvious Bob is a gay – see this

favor_honey @blissfuldavina or a hypocrite? Cuz I think I should not associate with liars too. Lol because I am supposedly too good to be around a gay person or say hello. Lol this is absurd. These people have life in them and God doesn’t love them less. Bob is gay but God doesn’t love him less. Jesus died for him too mind you. Lol so don’t write him off. You don’t know his end.

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agsl_collections – @kenejazzy did you say Jesus made them his friends, Lazarus gave his life to Christ dint he? The question is, are you preaching to them to change there ways? You can not claim to know God and keep dining with sinners, its not possible o.

chinweike.oliver.5 – Tonto d Bob snatcher ,well noting concern me wt ur issue, but only. Know dat He/she who plays with her mother breast can not play with her father Dick.

oluchi_bekeeI like you Tonto but ever since you came too close to bobrisky I dislike you now.

queenvbeauty_empireI think tonto is a lesbian since she mingles and loves a gay bob………..thats y she didnt stay married,she didnt fight for her marriage….christian my foot!!you are nothing but a fake idiot. 

destinyogbuke By the time he insert his dick in your sons anus you will change your mind. PREACHER MY ASS.

deslimdoriz – @innocent.joe nice one. Tontolet Jst have to stop posting pictures with dis shameless HE* if she truly call herself a Christian and a PREACHER for dat matter and stop confusing d thunder.

It goes on and on. Tonto Dikeh may need to revisit her decision to keep seeing Bobrisky or face the challenge of losing her followers. Surge Zirc gossiper say so.

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