Tourism: Plateau state and its Features.

Shere hill in Jos., Plateau State

Plateau State is one of the 36 states in Nigeria. It is located in north central of Nigeria; the state has the population of over forty ethno-linguistic groups. It is the 12th largest state in Nigeria.

Occupation: Their occupation is mainly farming and their culture and traditional ways of life is the same. People come from different parts of Nigeria to settle in Plateau State. They are; Igbo’s, Hausa’s, Fulani/Kanuri in Wase, Ibibio’s, Efik’s, Jaw’s, Benin’s etc. Plateau has one general Language which is Hausa. People like visiting Plateau State because of their cold weather.

Natural Resources: Jos is known for Tin mining right from onset.

Agricultural Resources:  The State has a rich cultural heritage, they grow agricultural products like, groundnuts, cotton, Irish potatoes, maize, soya bean and rice and these crops thrive well because of the nice climate.

One of the tourist attractions is their National Museum which is one of the oldest in the country. This Museum contain a lot of things like, The Traditional Nigerian Architecture which has lots of architectural designs of major Nigerian ethnic groups contain in it.

Jos Plateau has this popular bird called Jos Plateau Indigobird

Jos plateau indigo bird


Also, they have one of the earliest iron smelting cultures which was dated between 500BC and AD 200 called the Nok culture.

Jos also has the wildlife Safari Park, Zoological Gardens, sop Falls, Kura falls,Wase Rock,,Kerang volcanic Mountain where the known spring water is produced, Shere Hills.

plateau state zoological garden



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