Why a visit to Amritsar’s Golden Temple will keep your memories alive



Amritsar's Golden Temple
The big pot for the cooking at the Amritsar’s Golden Temple/ Photo Credit: The Telegraph

The Amritsar’s Golden Temple  India, is exactly where you get the obvious happenings, the most sacred place in Sikhism. Imagine what it is like to share and celebrate food with as many as 50,000 pilgrims or, on high days and holidays, twice that number. Happenings always at langar (dining halls) of the Golden Temple every day of the year.

All the foods are donated and those offering helping hands volunteered to do so.  The food is totally free. At the Golden Temple, the people there have a big heart. The food s is cooked 24 hours without a break and everyone is welcomed to feast and there are two dining halls which are opened daily.

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Everybody who visits is welcome to the feast and the kitchens (there are two) and dining halls (also two) are open all day. The food is prepared and cooked non-stop, at all hours of the day. This is a place that is never closed to travelers, worshipers, witnesses or the simply gobsmacked – and no one is ever turned away.

One good thing there is that there’s no superiority, everyone is equal, women and children sit and eat together. The meal consists of roti-rice, dal, vegetables and dessert. After the meal, teams of volunteers clears and washes the utensils and dishes five times before stacking them for the next serving.

There are in-flock of visitors and, it is quite amazing and interesting as well.  Before now, all the bread was handmade not until, a devotee donated a machine that now churns out 25,000 rotis in an hour.  But this year, things take to a different shape, all the cooking were carried out using gas cylinders, but now a solar energy system has been donated to assist in this version of mass-catering.

This Golden Temple has been on this location since the 16th century but was always razed down by raiding armies from Afghanistan and the Mughal Empire. Each time this happens it is rebuilt constantly, recently, it occupies prime position at the center of a man-made lake. Over the centuries, the marble compound surrounding it has grown to incorporate other buildings – offices, a museum, a clock tower and, of course, the dining hall – but at the center  of it all is the Golden Temple itself, a jewel of Hindu and Muslim architecture.

The making of the Amritsar’s Golden Temple:

Overawed by its gilded and decorated surfaces, rich with carvings and precious stones. In fact, the top of the temple is made of pure gold. At the building’s center is the sanctuary that houses the Guru Granth Sahib – the Sikh sacred scripture of hymns, poems and prayers, which are chanted to the accompaniment of flutes, drums and stringed instruments.

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Amritsar means “pool of the nectar of immortality” and was originally the name of the pool around the Golden Temple, which then became the name of the city that grew up around it. This pool is fed by an underground spring and its waters are believed to have healing powers, which is why pilgrims come to bathe in it.

Visitors and tourists are welcomed anytime any day, though there are some rules guiding the surroundings. Both men and women have to cover their head and as well wash their feet at the entrance.[There are entrances on four sides to symbolize openness.]. The cloaks are sold at the entrance, cheap and affordable, and the shoes and sandals pulled at the entrance were safely and properly kept.

Amritsar's Golden Temple
Both males and females covered their head at the Amritsar’s Golden Temple/ Photo Credit: Golden Temple

The Writer’s similar experience:

They act just  like Sabbath, my experience years back when one of my brothers who worship there insisted that my sick cousin must be carried to that place. On entering the church, you must pull off your foot wears  and they will be kept for you even jewelries. But there came a day when some persons stole some things from where their owners kept them. It wasn’t easy at all, fight broke out, lols


When planning for a tour, food is one the integral part that has to be included in our plans. It has to be thoroughly considered by researching on the foods in order to choose right and also right of well-being treated. Eating healthy gives joys to life, and also, keeps the spirit at peace. When you have a good treat, it instills this recalling of friendship, happiness and, above all, loves. This is just the way it has been at the Amritsar’s Golden Temple  India.

So when next you are looking for a good place to travel for peaceful relaxation. This sacred and historic site is a place not to be missed.

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