Trade Publication Gets Better With Round Table Editorial

Trade Publication Gets Better With Round Table Editorial - Surge Zirc
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Trade publication in the history of business has solved more problems than one can imagined. Most times companies look for better ways of putting the information guiding their product and service out to final consumers.

One of the proven ways of doing this is by putting up a trade publication.

Now, drawing up a trade publication could require more than putting up more write up about the product.

Emerson thought of how to improve his business, then he came up with this brilliant idea for his clients.

He arranged and got company representatives together in a round table in order to discuss a key subject in a specific industry or company. After that, he asked each of the representatives present in the round table meeting to submit the story for the publication.

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Following the outcome of the story submitted to the trade publication, Emerson now based in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria encouraged his clients to imbibe the culture of hosting a round table editorial for such publication. This will enable them gain respect, confidence and visibility within their Industry/company.

He also encouraged an upcoming or a small scale business organisation to align itself to this proven procedure mapped out for growth.

Trade Publication Roundtable

Furthermore, Emerson suggested that the trade publication round table discussion should be done during a conference or a trade publication show with virtually all the team players and the press in attendance.

In planning this meeting, he urged the host to get a conference room situated in a serene and conducive atmosphere free from any form of distraction.

While the publication round table meeting is going on, serve refreshment to keep everyone refreshed, happy and energized.

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In the trade publication round table meeting, please ensure that the issue to be deliberated on touches all aspects or the most important issues in the company/industry, be it controversial or normal.

Also, endeavour to keep record of the proceedings of this gathering using a tape recorder or any other similar equipment.

Subsequently, Emerson suggested that getting six to eight participants is the ideal number. He encourages anyone set to carry out this process to aim at getting the best out of it.

He said: “If it’s done well, it always turns out to be a great story, and it will cement your relationship with the trade publication.”

What is more?
Do this and stand a chance of getting your name in print, branding yourself as an industry leader, and at the same time, networking with other companies and industries in your field.

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