Traditional healer rapes, impregnate girl during ‘Spiritual Ritual’


A traditional healer identified as Sikhusele Makambi has reportedly been arrested after he attacked and raped a young girl during a ‘ritual’.

It was gathered that the traditional healer runs a traditional dancing group, to which the victim belonged, and during one of the group’s practice sessions, he told the members of the group that he needed to perform a ritual to strengthen the group for an upcoming competition.

He reportedly called them one by one into his room and he raped the young girl when it was her turn.

A week after the first rape, Makambi raped the teenager again after tricking her into believing that there was a practice session with other girls.

However, when the girl’s mum found the girl was pregnant, the teen confided that Makambi had raped her, a case of rape was opened and the pregnancy was ended.

A paternity test confirmed that Makambi was the father.

The South African traditional healer was reportedly nabbed and will serve a life sentence for raping and making a teenage girl pregnant.

According to report, the Mount Frere Regional Court sentenced the 32-year-old to two life terms in prison after he was convicted on two counts of raping the 15-year-old girl.

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