TRENDING: Mercy Aigbe’s Photo Causes Extreme Reaction, Fight And Controversy On Instagram

mercy Aigbe on set/ Instagram
Surge gist and gossip stumbled on this picture posted by Mercy Aigbe on Instagram, and in less than 24hours had generated outrageous number of comments and 41,320 likes already.

Some of Aigbe’s fans faulted the picture and bashed her on the grounds that being an actress shouldn’t strip a lady of her dignity and pride as it is a highly held virtue in Africa while fans on the opposing side quite acknowledged the fact that Mercy is an actress and as such be ready to interpret correctly whatever character or role a script requires of her.

controversy raising photo on set/instagram

Following the thread, one can see that the reactions, likes and comments on that particular photo is too much for one picture post.

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It is also very glaring with the camera on the rear of the picture that the mother of two and actress was really on a movie set…

funny comments and comebacks by fans

Now the disturbing question is…..

Is the sensation seen on the picture too real to be fake?

Should actresses fake sensational roles in movies?

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Do you think that as an African woman there should be a limit to the roles you play in movies?

Is it improper for a married woman/mother play such romantic roles because she’s an actress?

instagram fight by Mercy’s fans
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