Trendy: Models Embracing Toddler Socks Into The Fashion World

Trendy: Models Embracing Toddler Socks Into The Fashion World
Trendy: Models Embracing Toddler Socks Into The Fashion World/Photo Credit: GLAMOUR
Wearing socks with sandals is trending this season, everyone’s going to do it in style, not the often way it is worn by toddlers and the elderly. Another manifestation on the fashion industry which’s attracting all attention.

This trend will mostly be embraced by those with ugly-footwear-phobia also helpful with the unpredictable weather- a blessing in disguise.

The fashion socks comes in different colours and sizes just like that of toddler. The interest now in the fashion world is  the ugly footwear that has been gathering pace over the last few years, from dad trainers to bedazzled Crocs, and it’s showing no sign of slowing down.

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  Models were storming the catwalks all over the globe this season donning the look, including those for Erdem (below), Gucci, Marc Jacobs and Miu Miu.

Images copied from ”GLAMOUR”


But how can one wear it in real life?

Like Kendall Jenner, it’s worn on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet matching it with one of the most beautiful Giambattista Valli gowns recently see in seasons.

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Are we all wearing the hooves this season?

Be ready to wear these hooves this season, so  surprising that what ordinarily adult take to be childish wear has become a reality and as well trendy.The style desired by crowd. whether it looks so-wrong-or-right.


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