Unbelievable! 200 Houses Demolished at Yaba By Lagos State Government


In a recent report, Lagos state Government has demolished 200 houses in iwaya, yaba.

According to reports, people living in that area said, they don’t know why the buildings were destroyed by the Lagos state government, and they described the action of the government as unreasonable, saying it came as an unexpected surprise.

According to Ademola who lives in the said area

“the demolition came suddenly. Nobody was prepared for it, and we couldn’t move out our things before they started the demolition. We cannot point to anything in particular that led to the demolition, but we suspect that the government has their motive for carrying out this demolition today!”

Former councilor at Iyawa whose building was among those that was destroyed said they will not leave the state government without a fight.

“We will go to court to fight for our rights and entitlements because there was no due notice to residents regarding the demolition. Houses were demolished and people were being harassed during the demolition process,”

Another resident described the governor of lagos state, Gov Akinwunmi Amobode as not being friendly to his subordinate, stating that he is only concerned about enriching himself and creating wealth for his own benefit.
“What happened here today showed that the government has no care and is not concerned with the welfare of ordinary people. We have been told some very influential people who have money want to turn this place into an estate. And they’re doing this by rendering thousands of people homeless. This (demolition) was impromptu. Nobody was notified. They just came and started to destroy people’s properties.”
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