Disclosed! Hair Secrets That Help Older Women Look Younger

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Hairstyle for older women/photo credit: Lovely Hairstyles
When it comes to your hairstyle it’s easy to get stuck in your ways more especially that colour and cut that made you feel young once. But with these hair secrets, they can help older women look younger. This is because, as women age it’s really important to keep the hair soft, shiny, neat and dressing it properly. All these maintain and also make the hair gain attraction. These attractions draw away the eyes of people from the key signs of ageing also, around the eyes or on the forehead.

These simple techniques help every woman look younger irrespective of the hair type or colour:

Highlight your face with warmth

Dark, brown or fair hair really doesn’t matter as a few soft highlights around your face will warm up your skin tone making you look healthier and more vibrant. Add the colour through the front if you have shorter hair and for shoulder length hair adding an Ombre means that the hair that naturally falls around the side of your face will be bright and act like soft lighting wherever you go!

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Add volume and avoid hair flat to the face

As women age, sleek hair that hangs down straight can drag a tired face down. Hair with a bit more bounce and volume can frame the face. It also adds impact, cleverly making not only your face the focus but allowing the face and hair to work together providing a more flattering overall look.

Use a soft fringe

Whereas in the past you may have used a parting and swept your hair across and to the side, as women age a softer fuller fringe works. It not only hides any forehead lines that may have appeared but it helps draw attention to your cheekbones. This tends to be an area of skin that remains smooth on a woman as she ages and can also be cleverly enhanced using shading.

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Look at your natural skin tone and enhance it with hair colour

Look at your natural skin tone. A really simple way to do this is to look at your wrist. If you see yellowy colours and your veins appear a green colour your tone is naturally warm. If your veins are bluer with a pink skin tone you are cool. For those with cool skin they need warming up and those with warmer skin can try slightly cooler colours. Beware as women age they mainly need warmth, even for those with a warmer skin tone as this can fade. For dark hair that means caramel tones. For brown hair try honey tones and for blonde hair some golden tones work best. The trick is for it not to go too brassy when adding warmth. Therefore, consult a decent hairdresser on this.

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Go for soft contrasting colours and differing tones to add definition and interest to your hair

Darker one-dimensional colours are very ageing. Giving your hair more interest and contrast is a good thing as it softens your look rather than one uniform colour which can be harsh. As women get older the hair should be looking more interesting and not less. The trick is to only go one or two shades lighter or darker than your natural colour and work around this palate so the hair colour appears natural.


Adapted From: Female First


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