Victoria Beckham set to hit the Fashion World with Leopard Print Designs

Leopard print is back again into fashion and everyone is obsessed with it. Perhaps it’s the most prevailing of all the prints in fashion, even with the smallest quantity it is still at the peak.

There is no disparity, it is worn by everyone; from royalty, the rich, famous, famous to rock stars, street style stars also those who use the streets for various purposes. To the western world, it’s not something new, because it’s been worn by them since the 1920’s. Though it has really gone out of fashion, it shifts between seasons and also decades.

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Months back, Victoria Beckham celebrated the 10th anniversary of her fashion label with a final runway at New York Fashion Week before heading back to show in London.

As social media chat about that, they talk more about a single item from the suitably catwalk – a leopard-print trench coat. She told Vogue team, “Everyone’s obsessed with this leopard-print coat,” after the show.

She continued, “It was based on a Venetian upholstery fabric which was super heavy, woven in one of the oldest factories in Italy, and we reworked it as a chenille jacquard.”

Leopard print
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When it comes to fashion, she’s a guru in reading the atmosphere and the right fashion to go. Victoria Beckham is at it again by giving that drive for the animal print to hit the fashion world. After the show the leopard print is spreading rapidly, popping up on everything from faux fur coats and silk blouses to knitwear also accessories.

“To wear leopard you must have a kind of femininity which is a little bit sophisticated. If you are fair and sweet don’t wear it.” [Christian Dior’s 1954 book The Little Dictionary of Fashion he notes]

One of the world’s most celebrated fashion editors of the 20th century, Diana Vreeland, who was one of the main admirers previously stated, “I’ve never met a leopard print i didn’t like.”

Leandra Medine of Man Repeller also current lover of fashion strongly agreed that the print is not restricted to a particular set of people, meaning that anyone can wear it .

She said; It doesn’t have to be overt either to still score the style points – an all-black leopard print has just as much appeal as a rainbow-hued one – and a flash is as “fashion” as a full-length coat. The same goes for the material – leopard looks just as fierce in satin or wool as it does on leather, denim or in stretch-jersey.

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You could wear a leopard-print paper bag and it would still look far more stylish than a plain one (though I don’t recommend you wear either).

Kylie Cooke New Zealand stylist says what’s draws her most to the animal print, “is it’s an opportunity to express a bit of personality but at the same time in the right piece it can be a timeless classic.”

“For winter 2018, you can’t go wrong pairing an oversized animal print coat (a la Calvin Klein) with anything from jeans and a crisp white shirt to an LBD.”.

”And while I’m dusting off the leopard-print pieces already in wardrobe, I’m also hastily adding some purrfect new pieces to the mix. Definitely time to pounce on this trend”. She concluded.

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Therefore, take a walk on the wild side by wearing the animal print. It is good you get one for yourself, this wardrobe essential gives off the right vibe with a little twist. It can also be flattering for any shape and  attracts the eyes. It can also result to fashion blunder if not  worn properly, therefore it is very important to dress right.

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