FUN! Which Among Mercy Johnson’s Kids Looks More Like Her??

FUN! Which Among Mercy Johnson's Kids Looks More Like Her?? -
Prince Odi Okojie, wife Mercy Johnson and their three lovely kids/ Photo Credit: Instagram

What a lovely family Mercy Johnson has built. Funny enough most people never expected Mercy to be this stable in marriage considering the crazy roles the Kogi State born actress plays in movies. Since she got married Mercy has remained a mother, a wife and a friend to her husband and kids.

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We’re sure Mercy Johnson’s husband Prince Odi Okojie would chose her again and again if he’s asked to pick a wife in the life to come. Mercy and Prince are blessed with three beautiful kids, two girls and a boy.

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Female celebrities really needs to adapt what Mercy Johnson has done. Funny enough, we aren’t saying they’re living without misunderstanding, no… that will surly come, what matters is what they both do to put their differences in check. Above all, their relationship affairs has been kept away from social media. Good lesson!

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Finally, their three kids are very beautiful…but which one of them looks more like Mercy Johnson? Drop your comment under this post.

Play for fun!!! Lets know who sees better.

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