White Wedding Has Nothing Christian, It’s Western- Reno

It's amazing how people don't get it clear that traditional marriage is the traditional ceremony of African people.

White Wedding Has Nothing Christian, It's Western- Reno- Surge Zirc
Reno Omokri speaking on the relevance of the African Traditional marriage as against popular opinion of Africans sticking with the white wedding/ photo credit/ Instagram

African ladies would rather visit the tallest mountain for mountaineering so long as a brother accepts to stage a white wedding.

It’s amazing how people don’t get it clear that traditional marriage is the traditional ceremony of African people after a man fulfills the traditional requirements by his In-laws.

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Then white wedding is the traditional ceremony of the western people after they may have successfully completed the requirements by their in-laws.

It then becomes most funny that, Africans prefer to perform their marriage ceremony traditionally according to African traditions, then fight at all cost to perform, on same marriage, the tradition of the westerners.

This topic will be elaborated in a subsequent post on Surge Zirc Nigeria. Meanwhile a related issue was published on Surge Zirc South Africa.

Reno Omokri, the activist and preacher dropped his view as follows:

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Renoomokri Church marriage or White Wedding, originated in the Catholic Church in the year 1563. There is NOTHING Christian about it and EVERYTHING European about it.

It is not even in The Bible. Your native African marriage is as valid, in God’s sight, as a White Wedding‪.

The psyche of many Africans is so damaged to the extent they believe church weddings are the only acceptable marriage in God’s eye. From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible has nothing like church wedding. It is a European custom, no better than native African weddings.

From Genesis to Revelation, biblical marriage has ALWAYS been a family affair, not a church issue. Do not be deceived by any pastor, no matter how highly placed.

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Take your guidance from the Bible, not man. Get parental consent, not pastoral consent. Honour parents. Read the entire Bible yourself. Nowhere does anyone consult a priest before choosing a marriage partner. Isaac consulted his parents not a priest. Jacob consulted his parents not a prophet. The 10 commandments COMMAND you to honour your parents, not your pastor.

The double celebration is double expenses, yet a man will be dragged to do it. This’s not being proud of what you have. You’re simply demonstrating that the western people are better than you.

Remember they do not border their pretty heads with your own tradition, they move straight to the church with the white gown and suit, and that’s all.

We shall publish an extensive work on this same topic very soon..stay glued.

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