Why Comedian #Alibaba Supports Women Proposing Marriage To Men

Why Comedian #Alibaba Supports Women Proposing Marriage To Men - Surge.ng
A woman proposing marriage to a man/ Photo credit: Alibaba comedian

Nigerian comedian and one of the founding fathers of comedy in Nigeria Alibaba has drawn a line between the confusion of whether women should propose marriage to men or not. The TV personality shared his view on social media hours ago, thereby leaving many who feels its a wrong culture to wonder-about.

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Alibaba surely presented points but, how about the adoption of the menacing cultural values of the West which could be detrimental to the traditions of Africans? Isn’t this practice one of such practices? Anyways… lets see how this will play-out.

Alibaba stretches his view thus:

 alibabagcfr ”Some people will tell you this is wrong. Because it’s a man’s responsibility to go down on one knee to propose. MY BROTHER TIMES HAVE CHANGED. Women are getting the better of most things that men had monopoly over. When Fela’s mum drove a car back in the days there were protests by some men who couldn’t afford a wiper. That it’s not good for a woman to own a car.

”Then there was a time back then that the best education for the girl child was a Modern School Certificate. So the men were the ones who were allowed to travel to Oxford, Cambridge, London and America. What was the consequence? We now had children who could not be “Parented” by the mothers beyond their educational capacity. Some didn’t even have the modern school privilege. Look at how long it took to get a first female Chief Justice.

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”First female Vice Chancellor (Alele Williams). First female Bank Chairman (Kuforiji)… So Yes, our men have all the empowerment but it does not mean they have more abilities than the women. During my days in primary and secondary schools, there were girls that we didn’t see their brake lights. From 1st position till 5th position… and when any guy beat them to 2nd 3rd or 4th position, they cried. Because they knew they could have been better. Let’s go back to my post. Met a guy shortly after Valentine’s Day.

”He was under serious pressure because his wife had become a GM in a bank and the stupid accounting firm he worked with had not increased his salary 4 years on. And she just paid 2 year rent. So he now feels unfulfilled. Because of that There is now a strain in their marriage. I tried to talk him out of the mood and he goes, “Bros, it’s easy for you to say because you make more money than your wife. It’s not easy when a woman does what a man is supposed to do. It kills a man’s pride”.

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”Then today I saw this picture. Times have changed. If your woman can let her do it. If you can do it. The problem is when you don’t do anything. And you are just there taking space. I have heard of “My husband lost his job since 2004, so it’s been me all the way”. What? I saw the guy in question one day. Didn’t look like he had not worked for one day. What’s with our pride? Yes. We. Men.”

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