New Rivers Business Men Plan ‘Real Estate’ Deals With J&K Properties Company

New Rivers Business Men Plan ‘Real Estate’ Deals With J&K Properties Company - Surge Zirc
We can support you with a working plan for the realisation of a more beautiful home/Photo credit: Alex

It’s not a new news that Real Estate business is one of the few real businesses around the world. You may wonder why when there’re countless businesses today. Meanwhile famous business Leaders, writers and coaches have defined a real business to be such that doesn’t need the presence of the promoter to make profit, better still survive.

Other elaborate definitions may exist but the major substance in them all is not far from what we’ve stated.

Having a clear view of how real estate is rated in the business world explains why more than 40% top workers and business men in the U.S gets involve in real estate business. While those already employed later quit their job to major in the properties business.

President of the United States of America, Donald Trump is a big player in the real estate business. Trump’s success in the property business has calculated a net worth of 3.1 billion US Dollars.

In Nigeria quite a number of workers under employment and business men are picking interest in the real estate business. But while this happens, a good number of them are expressing dissatisfaction in the turn-out from Landlord and Tenant relationship, thereby discouraging more people who would have loved to become players as well.

Misuse of properties and lots more…

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This is where J&K Properties Development Company spotted a need to fill and then came up with a solution that fits the need for Tenant and Landlords.

Most business men and women including employees who knows nothing next to developing a commercial and residential unit and running them have been speaking with J&K Properties company for solution, and the outcome remains positive as many are now assured that their fears for not wanting to get involved would be handled accordingly.

Precisely in Rivers State, Nigeria, J&K Properties Company’s plan helps control the pressure Landlords gets from Tenant and that which tenants gets from Landlords.

They ensure that the property is maintained appropriately. This include placing the budget for low cost maintenance on tenants while the Landlords takes care of the bulky maintenance budget.

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We also support developers with sourcing for fund methodology and quick funding techniques to ensure a project is completed on time.

So potential customers who wish to contact J&K Properties for more detail can visit our Port Harcourt office or call our Business Development Executive (BDE) on +234 708 956 6966 or send a mail to

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