Wife’s ‘Unrepentant Stealing Habit’ Wrecks 2yr Old Marriage

Wife's 'Unrepentant Stealing Habit' Wrecks 2yr Old Marriage
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One Mr. Akeem Folorunsho has approached a Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan on Thursday requesting the dissolution of hs two-year-old marriage to his wife Fatima.

Mr. Folorunsho had filed for divorce on grounds that his supposed wife had a strong habit of stealing.

While testifying before the court, Mr. Folorunsho alleged that his wife was constantly stealing properties and money.

He said: “My lord, I am fully determined to call it quit with Fatima due to her unrepentant stealing of my money and property.

“Anytime I leave home in search of daily bread, sweating it out in the heat and cold, Fatima’s main occupation is to search through my clothes’ pockets to steal my money.

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“She has done it over and over and I am tired of the horrible experience.

“I will not forget to state that I give Fatima nothing less than N2,000 every week in addition to the abundance of food at home, including babies’ daily needs.

“Worst still my lord, after her departure from my home, Fatima suddenly came to my apartment, forcefully pulling off the burglary proof and making away with most of my property such as refrigerator, mattress, DVD player, sound system and lots more.

“I reported her at a nearby police station where she was made to return the property.

“All that I am praying this court to do for me is immediate separation of our relationship because Fatima is ready to terminate my life.”

The defendant, a nursery and primary school teacher, agreed to the dissolution of the marriage but denied the accusations leveled against her.

“My lord, Akeem has made life a frustration for me since I gave birth to our first child.

“Akeem had all along accused me of stealing his money and I had always maintained my innocence.

“He eventually informed me that he was no longer interested in continuing in the relationship with me.

“Akeem stopped catering for my needs not minding the fact that I had not fully recovered from the C.S surgery I had during child birth.

“That was in fact, the reason why I broke into his apartment to carry his property to sell in order to sustain myself,” Fatima explained.

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The President of the Court, Chief Ademola Odunade in pronouncing the dissolution of the union said that the law frowned at anyone who burgled or stole other people’s property.

“Whether the stolen property or money belongs to one’s spouse or not, burglary and pick pocketing are criminal in nature and Fatima’s attitude is highly condemnable.

He said, “As a result, the union between Akeem and Fatima has ceased to be in the interest of peaceful living.

“Custody of the eight-month-old child produced by the union is granted to Fatima while Akeem shall pay a monthly allowance of N5,000 for the child’s feeding in addition to being responsible for his education and other welfare.”

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