Wow: Williams Asking For Refund From Timaya After 20yrs


Timaya hits movie screen in a short drama with comic skit producer and former kid Nollywood actor Williams Uchember.

Popular Nollywood actor Williams Uchemba was spotted on CCTV at the home of Nigerian known musician Timaya somewhere in Lagos asking for a refund of the plantain he bought some twenty years back.

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I guess this coming from the fact that the ”Dem mama” crooner Timaya used to be a street plantain hawker before delving into music. After his debute album the Dem mama soldier had released a song which shows that he actually hawked plantain on the street of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

Williams may have seen doing a skit on that as humorous and then engaged him for a short comedy skit. The out-play is truely funny.

Watch and tell us if Timaya should be featured in actual dramer, or do you think he should quietly kiss acting on screen goodbye and face his music career.

He could be just another musician who cross-carpeted into acting with the know-how in acting, remember 2baba and a few others. We also have some movie stars in Nollywood who released music that almost sap away the reputation they built over the years in acting only by attempting to be like Will Smith of Hollywood who’s both a credible musician and actor.

And why didn’t Timaya deliver his lines in English word, could it be as the script demand or is there a hidden deficiency?

Timaya acting.

This is actually funny.

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