Wow! Football Star Antonio Cassano Cries Over Federer’s Win!

Casaano airs his emotions on Tiki Taka/
Roger Federer, the first man alive to win the Grand Slam Title 20 times and six Australian Open titles is indeed a huge inspiration for everyone and is worthy of mention when it comes to greatness and huge achievement in one’s career.

Among the many sportsmen and fans praising him on his recent success in the Australian open that landed him his 20th Grand slam title, is the Italian Football Star Antonio Cassano who has played for Real Madrid and Inter Milan before now.

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The Italian Star went berserk with emotions and ended up in tears when Federer won his sixth Australian Open title and shared his feelings and moments on air, precisely on Italia 1 Italian Channel during ‘Tiki Taka’ programme.

He said “I cried twice in the last six months, for (Francesco) Totti’s farewell and for Federer’s (Sunday) win: I sweated not even like when I played, I am a huge Federer’s fan and I got very emotional…”

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Presently,the Italian Football Star has not been active in his football career as he has not been playing professional football since 2017 but is yet to announce his complete withdrawal or retirement formally.

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