Woman Seeks Divorce, Claims To Have Been Under A Spell For 18 Years



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One Mariam Adegoke, pleaded with an Idi-Ogungun Customary court to dissolve her marriage to Lukman Adegoke, alleging that she had been under a love spell for 18 years placed on her by her supposed husband.

Mrs Adegoke, asked the court to dissolve their union, saying that she could no longer live with a man she did not love.

“Sometime in 2,000, I followed Adegoke to his house as a friend, but I lost my senses a few minutes after I entered his room and I could not leave the place again. I was in the house for three years before I returned to my parents.

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”But I was restless for two days in my parents’ house, so I went back to him and I remained under a love spell until recently, when I regained my senses and discovered that I married a wrong person.

”I gave birth to six children but only two of them are alive; one of the children is under my custody while the other one is with him,” she said.

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Mukaila Balogun, the president of the court, while pronouncing his judgemment noted that the respondent was served a court summon on three occasions but failed to show up.

”The marriage is hereby dissolved and custody of the first child is given to the respondent and the second child should remain with the petitioner,” Mr Balogun ruled.

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