World Celebs. Gossiper PerezHilton Got Slammed Over XXXT’s Death Caption



World Celeb. Gossiper PerezHilton Got Slammed Over XXXT's Death Caption - Surge Zirc
Perez Hilton & XXX Tenacion/photo credit: Instagram

Oh no, Perezhilton’s caption on XXX Tentacion’s death is rocking the internet. Wow! Perez might need the safest place in the world to hide his face, lest some angry bulls and affected persons have him for a feast.

But what the hell is wrong with Hilton’s caption; after all X was a domestic abuser? Wait a sec. Hilton’s caption says:

“Domestic abuser XXX Tentacion murdered in drive-by-shooting in Miami.

Now is that a hell of a caption to call down mountain Everest on Hilton? But some fellows are saying Why mention what he did even after he’s dead.

Whoa! In fact let’s feel the reaction the world blogger Perezhilton got for that caption

younqprogressWild: disrespectful @idontcare_bearxo

em_ohare_@belueguren: I too am a victim of domestic violence, no issue with what @theperezhilton has said. It is fact what he more

jessicagomez9754: And you @theperezhilton will be remembered for being a bully..and making a cheap buck out of bullying people..Smh

rachel_sara_xx: I have been a victim to domestic violence. I too, just like you @theperezhilton and everyone else have a past full of more

riverscotttyler: And I bet people will say his an angel who went to church and helpt old lady’s across the street!

drobto94727: When you die I hope they put “gay” blogger died because you was gay……..

dmofficiale: Good Riddance

naz_blessed_03: @theperezhilton you should never speak ill of the dead guess you wasn’t taught that disrespectful behaviour!!!

mrs_cmorepaper: Tasteless and disgraceful, this is still someone’s child whose life has been cut short and for anyone to judge this man more

ashleighatkinsmodel@fromsydneywithlove:__ you and I both! Makes me sick the support he is getting.

bhadkarma@mrsromeosantos: yes he was really trying to better himself for the last months!! 😑

bhadkarma:This was just… Ugh…. That caption. He is gone… After trying to better himself and doing a lot of good for the community. I don’t agree with his past behaviors but omg Perez… You of all people.


bhadkarma@c0nn3ctnwts: if people wasn’t capable of change and wanting and trying to change, if that was the case we might as well kill ou

adiyanuPerez: what the fuck seriously that caption is so disrespectful

bushwick_162@josejimenez1980: oh wow you still talking lmao…😂😂😂

bushwick_162@josejimenez1980: your masters does not belong in Instagram lmao

llebron71@theperezhilton: All these people defending him and saying, “it doesn’t matter what he did while he was alive”?? If he was a pedophile would they be AS quick to defend him? It’s ridiculous what people will excuse when it doesn’t effect them directly. Or as if they knew him personally. Oh please!

dee_annette:You’re disgusting! This is why you have no career

daryalathammua:Woww…this is so disrespectful. Wtf!!!!

minniewaldronxo:Change ur caption get some fucking respect ffs


bluejazzbabe:RIP beautiful young man! 😢

helloimmommy:Stfu Perez your pathetic!!!!!! You no longer need your job. death is fuckin death & people are in DV relationships all the time and no it doesn’t make it right but when your a fckn celebrity it sucks bc you have no privacy. He could’ve went through it like a normal person and was tryna fix himself@but no one would’ve known that bc he was not famous. But since he is famous it’s obviously out there. But that give you no reason to disrespect him after his death smh @theperezhilton . PATHETIC

helloimmommy@helloimmommy: HE WAS FAMOUS WITH NO PRIVACY *

antoniachantelle:Think of how many men you put at risk when you outted them back in the day!!! Suicide, family killings, queerbashers etc etc… You put innocent gay men at risk to all those and more!!!

bluejazzbabe:@theperezhilton lets hope your son wont be an abuser of women. Once i had children my judging stopped. Because you dont want your son one day to be all over the news as a wife beater. Thats how karma works. Be kind to everyone. No one knows the shoes anyone has walked in.

darrylg4hair:May your excess skin grow back and suffocate you

nilly_f_baby:U r a fucken idiot!!! Unfollowing

someonesaunty:@deionsandersjr 💯


ifotografz:@theperezhilton u a piece 💩 for that cap…. hope u rotten in Hell!!!!

psychostronaut:GREAT CAPTION. 👏🏻 Things like that doesn’t go away just bvc someone’s dead. Soooo…

ja_mamiiKarma: issa bitch that bites back even hotter…

imaprblmhesmyprblmsolver:Stop being petty and shady this young man is gone. It’s a shame that social media new before his family. Smh grow up

tia.sol.xo:But y’all still LOVEEEE and idolize Chris brown. I don’t see anyone labeling him as such so why do so to a dead young man. Have some damn respect. How do people enjoy making a living out of bashing and gossiping about other peoples lives? So sad.

ttiffanyyymarie:That’s SAD even though I don’t like him

briiocean:God forbid something happen to you

rainhagostoza:Domestic abuser ? It’s bad to speak ill of the dead may god bless you cold hearted twat

ethierslady16I :take it everyone who is backing @theperezhilton has NEVER sinned. Imagine your mistakes being pointed out the day you die? Or how many times do we all get upset every time family or friends bring up your past mistakes especially when you are trying to learn from those mistakes and better yourself. Im sure like me we all hate it. Everyone knows what X supposedly did. Its ALL OVER SOCIAL MEDIA. NOBODY trying to hide it. What some are saying is why does it need to be brought to light on the day of his tragic death. Nobody is dismissing what he supposedly did. I will also say this to those backing Hilton, had X been your close friend or family member you would be disgusted with Hilton’s caption and been backing X with “he was becoming a better person” “have respect” etc. In the end he was trying to become a better person.

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