Fast And Simple Way To Prepare Coconut Plantain

Coconut Plantain
Coconut Plantain/Photo Credit: Food Recipes Easy

Plantain is very good for the body as it contain vitamins like vitamin A, C and B6 including some proteins. Apart from coconut plantain, it can also be cooked in other ways like; plantain pepper soup, porridge, fried, roasted and eaten like banana when ripped.

How To Prepare Coconut Plantain;

-Get some unripe plantains, and remove their peels

-Wash and cut each into 3 pieces

-Get 1 or 2 coconuts [according to the number you want], break them, bring out the flesh and grate.

– Blend Crayfish, Pepper, Onions and keep aside


-Pinch of salt

-Dry fish. Meat, kpomo- cook, season and keep aside

-Groundnut oil

-Scent leaf

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Procedure For Preparation:

-Pour warm water in the already gratered coconut and sieve the milk, pour the milk in a pot and place on the fire, allow to boil for 5 minutes.

-Then Pour the sliced plantains in the boiling milk and allow to boil until about getting soft,  add the  boiled meat , blended ingredients, also add the groundnut oil and allow boiling until it softens to your choice,

-Add Maggi

-Finally, add scent leaves, pinch of salt to taste, stir and bring the pot down.

Serve with chilled juice.

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Note: Don’t allow the leaves to die, that is why you don’t leave it to boil for long, just pour it and stir, the hotness of the food on fire will help it become half done.


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