Wow! Kemi Oluloyo Will Never Apologize To Linda Ikeji? See Why…

Wow! Kemi Oluloyo Will Never Apologize To Linda Ikeji? See Why... Surge Zirc
Kemi Pluloyo/Photo credit: Instagram

Looks like Kemi Oluyoyo is not interested in Hushpoppi’s suggestion which is to write an ‘apology letter’ as she has sworn to drag Linda Ikeji to court. According to her, nothing matters much now than seeing Linda’s reputable media company go down and possibly Linda go to jail and languish there like her. Wonderful!

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So far, Linda Ikeji has been quiet probably patiently waiting for the completion of nine months so she welcomes her new baby. But where is Linda doing the nine months since Kemi Oluloyo threatens fire and brimstone…OMG! This fight has just begun as Kemi fights anyone who suggests that she drop it.

Meanwhile see what fans are saying:

cutenloveli @kemiolunloyo 12yr feud yet you collected moni from her while at it. U re fighting urslf cos linda no get ur time. Shz nt idle n jobless lik u. i hope som1 locks you up again. OYO wil b ur case ds tym

don_shagba@hnnafrica hv u apologised to @officiallindaikeji as suggested by @hushpuppi ??

real_zinariya every body know ur attitude n, did u think hushpuppi don’t is not smart. so eat is hotting now is because he did credit ur acct hahahaha 👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅

@officiallindaikeji do pass ur level. u are not sick but broke and frustrated . since Linda was pregnant u have been having sleptless 9t

real_zinariya@kemiolunloyo go and get life madam is wat u did to ur parent dat nemesis is catching up with u now

berryero@hnnafrica Apologise to linda ikeji so @hushpuppi will help with assistant .drop pride,drop 1st class pharmacist and journalism inside your hand bag😋😋 and apologies.she did not ask you back for the money because if you pay back the money will pain you ooo . You acted like an enemy of progress as you said shes 43 do you expect her to be in this world without a child?hell no Even you at 53 with badmouth you get children not to talk of her.better drop 1day pride make you pack your money 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️dont come for me oo i am not feeling fine too😋before you go use english blast my left hand

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momodurose Shouldn’t all this anger be directed at that pastor Ibiyiome or whatever his name is? I am not a fan of Linda but c’mon!

diivii_kikiThank God hushpuppy will not give you any money unless u apologize to Linda @hnnafrica

This is really serious. What do you think, could Kemi’s anger be a transfer of aggression following her experience with a Port Harcourt based Pastor who showed her the broad-way to jail? Should the 53 old pharmacist and journalist apologize and get the money from hushpoppi? Alright, let’s seat back and watch event as they unfold!

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