Wow! See WhatsUp With Nigerian Comedian #SeyiLaw

Wow! See WhatsUp With Nigerian Comedian #SeyiLaw -
Comedian Seyi Law/ Photo credit: Instagram

Nigerian comedian Seyi Law is from all indication a proud dad. Seyi Law flaunts attractive photos of he and his daughter on social media, thereby demonstrating how proud he is fathering such a beautiful damsel. Something cracking isn’t clear here…and we’re so talking about it.

Wow! See WhatsUp With Nigerian Comedian #SeyiLaw - Seyi Law
Seyi Law and daughter/ Photo credit: Instagram

A close look at the little female Seyi Law reveals a close resemblance between the father and daughter, yet we spotted beauty on the little girl…but can’t tell what we saw on the father’s face (fine or ugly)..wink, wink, Lol!!!

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We’re so proud of the little Seyi’s rapid growth…blessup pretty. For Seyi Law, the comedian, you make us proud each time you put God first and we’re however sure that you’ll grow from strength to strength.

Finally, Seyi Law takes us through his growth experience; relating a case where he’d to deal with the church and a petty remuneration…enjoy!

  • seyilaw1 ”Once, a Pastor recommended me to another Pastor for performance and a fee of N300k was paid. What informed the recommendation? The Pastor who recommended me pastors a church where I used to go and refine my act when I just started. I would trek to the church and perform and sometimes what I got in return was a bottle of Malt. Other times, N200 or N300.

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  • ”Some years down the line, Seyilaw don blow small, the church invited and gave N30k and I told them to put it in the church account as a seed from me. Two years later, the Pastor recommended me for a N300k. Beyond the N300k, the church was a refining place for me and it was a deliberate attempt at getting better which paid off. A genuine effort is never lost. “BE DELIBERATE” BE IN YOUR OWN DECISION.
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