WWE Fastlane: Asuka Officially Challenges Charlotte To A WrestleMania Fight

The first-ever women’s Royal Rumble match winner Asuka made it official on Sunday that she wants a fight with Miss Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania in the WWEFastlane.

When questioned by a WWE interviewer about her gestures and several inhibited and obscure signs after her match in the ring, Asuka accepted that she’s opting for a challenge to fight with Charlotte at WrestleMania in the WWEFastlane.

In five words, she said “ At WrestleMania, Charlotte versus Asuka” and walked away, saying nothing else hence making it official.

It is very possible that the next fight to be scheduled for Asuka will be that of Her and Charlotte in WrestleMania.

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Charlotte Flair on her own part in an interview session with ‘Talking Smack’ where they asked her if she thinks Asuka is overrated said that Asuka is not overrated neither is she underestimating her (Charlotte) but that she(Asuka) knows where she’s headed and what she’s capable of.

She admitted that she had never fought with Asuka and cannot overemphasize her capability as to her strength and skills in the game.

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Here’s what she said “I don’t think she’s underestimating me, I think she knows who she is and she knows what she’s capable of but like I said, she’s never faced me… but like I said, it’s a matter of what ‘what am I capable of myself.”

Now, the big questions are..

Do you think that Asuka will beat Charlotte down, following the confidence in herself and capabilities?

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Do you sense fear or uncertainty in what Charlotte Flair said about knowing what she herself is capable of?

What will really happen should they br scheduled for a fight?

Keep your hopes high and fingers crossed as we anticipate their fight at the WrestleMania #Fastlane.

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