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YouTube Video Embeds Now Include A ‘Subscribe’ Button

YouTube Video Embeds Now Include A 'Subscribe' Button-Surge Zirc
YouTube now has a subscribe button in video embeds/photo credit: Engadget

Up until now, if you saw a YouTube video you liked embedded in a website, you had to click through the video to YouTube’s page in order to subscribe to that channel.

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Now, YouTube is making it a little easier for viewers to see the videos they want (and for channel operators to grab those subscribers).

Going forward, YouTube embeds will feature a “Subscribe” button.

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You can see the subscribe button in action in the video below, which is our Samsung Galaxy Book 2 hands-on.

If you hover over the Engadget logo on the top left, an option to subscribe to our channel will appear. The feature was first spotted by 9to5Google.

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